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Brown Bear in Bulgaria

Only a dare-devil presume to watch the Rhodope brown bears in their natural habitat

Best time: April–May | September–October

Brown Bear
Brown Bear
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Observing the clumsy brown bears can be really exciting. Bulgaria is one of the places where you can meet this large predator. The Brown bear is a symbol of the Rhodope Mountains. Sometimes a camera can even catch a few clumsy animals at the same time. The main thing is to come to the Rhodope Mountains at the right season—in April–May or September–October, especially around a full moon.

During the seasons mentioned above, special "Bear tours" are organized. You will have the opportunity to observe brown bears in their natural habitat without a fence and human intervention. In this tour, you will be accompanied by local hunters who know the brown bear's behavior and the terrain very well. By the way, trophy hunting for the bear is held in the Bulgarian Rhodope from March to mid-April and September-December.

Practical info

What is the recommended time to observe brown bears in Bulgarian mountains?

The ideal time to observe brown bears in the mountains of Bulgaria is in April-May and September-October. During this period, visitors can join an 'organized bear tour' to see the bears in their natural habitat. Such tours are operated without any human interventions or fences. One can also visit during the full moon to improve their prospects. Show more

Where is the best place for brown bear watching in Bulgaria’s Rhodope Mountains?

Bulgaria’s Rhodope Mountains provide the best natural habitat for brown bears. Pamporovo and Devin, which are situated near the mountain range, offer 'bear watching tours' to specific observation points in the region. This is an opportunity to see the bears play and roam around in their natural surroundings with no interference or cages. Show more

How long does a typical bear watching tour in Bulgaria last?

The duration of a bear watching tour in Bulgaria is usually around 3-4 hours. The timings may vary, but the tour operators predominantly offer guided tours either early morning or late afternoon. The visitors can observe the Brown bears in the mountains when the beasts are active. These tours allow individuals to watch brown bears in their natural habitat without a fence and human intervention. Show more

Is it possible to see multiple brown bears during a bear watching tour in Bulgaria?

Yes, it is common to witness multiple brown bears during bear watching tours in Bulgaria. The number of brown bears seen, however, depends upon the location, timing and tour operator. Without any human interventions or fences, visitors have a chance to observe these creatures as they play and roam around in their natural surroundings. Show more

What safety measures are taken during a bear watching tour in the Bulgarian Rhodope region?

Bear watching tours in Bulgaria’s Rhodope area ensures the utmost safety of tourists. Trained personnel and local experts usually operate the tours to protect both the visitors and bears. Clients are provided with necessary safety gear, and the tour guides brief them about proper behavior around these animals. The tour guides are often experienced hunters who understand the Brown bears' habits and movement patterns. Show more

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