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Brown Bear

Only a dare-devil presume to watch the Rhodope brown bears in their natural habitat

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Observing the clumsy brown bears can be really exciting. Bulgaria is one of the places where you can meet this large predator. The Brown bear is a symbol of the Rhodope Mountains. Sometimes a camera can even catch a few clumsy animals at the same time. The main thing is to come to the Rhodope Mountains at the right season—in April–May or September–October, especially around a full moon.

During the seasons mentioned above, special "Bear tours" are organized. You will have the opportunity to observe brown bears in their natural habitat without a fence and human intervention. In this tour, you will be accompanied by local hunters who know the brown bear's behavior and the terrain very well. By the way, trophy hunting for the bear is held in the Bulgarian Rhodope from March to mid-April and September-December.

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