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Polar Bear Watching

Witness magnificent polar bears in their natural environment

Polar Bear Watching in Svalbard 2019 - Best Time
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Bering Land Bridge National Preserve

Spitsbergen is home to around 2,000 polar bears, the most significant of land carnivores. The island covers an area of roughly 40,000 km², meaning there is one polar bear for every 20 square kilometres. Polar bear spotting is now very popular amongst tourists, for Svalbard is a truly ideal place to see these iconic residents of the Arctic. However, there is no guarantee that your tour will be successful.

Polar Bear Watching in Svalbard - Best Season 2019

The wildlife watching season in Svalbard runs between May and August when the midnight sun is in its supreme reign, and the ice melts allowing captains to navigate their ships. The contrast between white ice and the green grass that appears through the melting snow is another seasonal benefit to visit the archipelago!

Best time for Polar Bear Watching in Svalbard 2019
Best time to see Polar Bear Watching in Svalbard 2019