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Best time to visit Svalbard


It's impossible to avoid snowmobiling while you are in Svalbard

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The snowmobile provides you with an opportunity to cover large areas in a short period of time and is an amazing way to get around Svalbard: you'll witness old trappers’ huts, icebergs frozen in the sea ice, glacier termini and Arctic fauna while driving through the wonderful nature of the east coast.

Snowmobiling is the fastest way for you to explore the ghost Russian town of Pyramiden or Barentsburg. You can visit a beautiful ice cave on a short trip outside Longyearbyen and experience driving into the Arctic wilderness. You can even go watch Northern Lights during Polar Nights.

Try not to forget all of the necessary equipment and be sure to bring additional clothes with you as the weather changes rapidly. You are expected to drive only on snow and not to disturb animals. Be sure to obey the speed limit which is 30km/h in settlements, and 80 km/h outside elsewhere.

Although the snowmobiling season in Svalbard is winter, both dark and light. You'll find various options between November and late May. Still, if you want to visit any particular location, you should check the season valid for that particular destination. Though the main season if winter, there's a spot where you can drive snowmobiles in the summer too—it's the Longyear Glacier.

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