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Snowmobiling in Utah is a great way to explore the beauty of this state with even more impressive winter views

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The whole territory of the state, from the red rock canyons in the south to the mountains in the north, features various snowmobile opportunities. When winter comes to Utah, the state can offer around 1,300 km of perfect snowmobile trails. It's one of the greatest and fastest ways to explore any terrain during cold winter months. There are nine trail complexes, which are part of the interlinking trail system.

One of the most enjoyable and scenic snowmobile trails can be found at the Nebo Loop Snowmobile Complex. An amazing panorama opens to you from a height of 2,804 metres. You can reach to the top of the Mt. Nebo and the Wasatch Range. When you choose one of the long trails, don't forget to take some extra food and fuel with you, as well as the map. Some of the trails can be unsigned, and there is the possibility to get lost, which is not the best adventure during winter.

One of the top rated snowmobiling spots in Northern Utah is located outside the Beaver Mountain ski resort. A popular multi-day tour takes snowmobile drivers through a gorgeous, snowy forested area. Snowbird near the Salt Lake City features great opportunities for snowmobiling. This is the best way to see the beauty of the resort without skiing. If you want to try this activity in the southern part of the state, turn your sight to the Brian Head resort, just outside Cedar City. One of the most popular trails goes through the red rocks to the Cedar Breaks National Monument. Whichever you choose, the winter landscapes of Utah will impress you for sure, and snowmobiling is a fast and easy way to enjoy them.

The earliest start for snowmobiling season is late November (roughly starting from Thanksgiving Day) and the latest end of the season is mid-April. In order not to come in vain, we recommend the season between December and March.

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