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Antelope Island Bison Roundup 2022

This annual event draws crowds to the largest island on the Great Salt Lake. It's a unique experience for both the spectators and participants


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The Great Bison Roundup is a large annual event held in late October at Antelope Island State Park. Participants include 275 ranches and over 700 bison. It looks very exciting for spectators but can be dangerous for the participants and their horses. The public is invited to help the park officials collect the wild bison spread around the area of 113 square km. The roundup helps to keep the herd healthy, control the number of individuals and gives the participants an opportunity to try themselves in this traditional trade.

The spectators first watch the roundup from the distance. When it's over they can get closer to the corrals to see how the bisons are going through the health check-up and culling for the auction. Animals are mainly sold out to make sure there will be enough food on the island to support the population. At the auction people can buy bison to start their own herd or to transport them to a butcher. Those animals not chosen for the auction are released to the wild. This unique event is one of the main reason people visit the biggest island on the Great Salt Lake.

If you wish to become a participant of the Range Ride, you have to register beforehand.

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