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Butterflies in Tucavaca Valley in Bolivia

This lime-coloured confetti is just butterflies in disguise

Best time: November–December

Whenever rain and moisture settle down in eastern Bolivia, Tucavaca Valley welcomes millions of fluttering guests. The wet season generally begins as early as November, but it varies from year to year and can start in December or January. The valley is never more awesome than during this butterfly invasion.

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When can visitors catch a glimpse of butterflies in Tucavaca Valley?

Observing the butterfly migration in Tucavaca Valley entails visiting between November and December when millions of these colorful creatures fly into the region. Nevertheless, the migration eventually stops, typically in January. This event is highly dependent on the weather and is subject to change. Tucavaca Valley's climate during the wet season is also perfect for the butterflies, making visitors' experience in the region even more worthwhile. Show more

What makes Tucavaca Valley in Bolivia an ideal location to see butterflies?

Tucavaca Valley is situated in the eastern belt of Bolivia and is a remote valley surrounded by greenery. Visitors have to traverse through San Joaquín by boat to get there, but the journey is rewarding due to the spectacular scenery on the way. During the wet season, the valley has abundant plants, making the valley a hotspot for butterflies to feed on. In addition, the region's favorable climatic conditions make the valley an excellent habitat for the creatures. Show more

What's responsible for the vast number of butterflies in Tucavaca Valley?

Tucavaca Valley's butterfly migration most commonly happens due to the area's climatic conditions: numerous insects migrate to the region to feed on the vegetation during the wet season. The butterflies flock to Tucavaca Valley because of the abundance of food, with the flowers providing nectar. The valley acts as a passageway for butterflies on their migratory journeys as well, leading to a diverse butterfly population in the area. Show more

What's the duration of the butterfly invasion at Tucavaca Valley?

The butterfly migration season in Tucavaca Valley lasts for some weeks, mostly beginning in November and extending up to December or January, depending on varying weather conditions. The region offers a stunning view of thousands of butterflies in their natural habitat fluttering away. Visitors should, however, bear in mind that weather conditions can be unpredictable, potentially leading to a butterfly migration season that starts either earlier or later. Show more

Which butterfly species are primarily found in Tucavaca Valley during the migration season?

Tucavaca Valley presents a variety of butterfly species like the Blue Morpho, the Owl Butterfly, and the Tiger Butterfly. During the migratory season, the site features countless other species along with the regulars, giving the zone exceptional biodiversity. It's worth noting that the specific species' population in Tucavaca Valley changes each year due to weather conditions, food availability, among other factors, making every migration season a unique experience for visitors. Show more

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