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Flashing Fireflies of Kampung Kuantan

A huge colony of fireflies performs their dance of light as a one whole organism


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Almost any forest becomes very mysterious and even creepy when Sun hides beyond the horizon and twilight falls to the ground, but there are creatures that bring light, hope and magic to such moments, and they are fireflies.

One of the biggest colonies of fireflies in the world inhabits Malaysia. It can be spotted almost every evening alongside the Sengalor River, with the highest density near a small village of Kampung Kuantan.

Fireflies, which are called Kelip-Kelip in the local dialect, inhabit mangrove tree berembang. Every dry evening between 8 and 10 pm they fly out the dens and start the dance of the light. Such performance is believed to serve as an attraction method between males and females. Bugs can perform various actions like steady glows and flashings, and the most striking is that they do it simultaneously.

You can visit the location by yourself or rent a boat with a local guide who will take you to the best viewing spot on the river. Fireflies don't like rainy weather, so dry season on the west coast of the Malayan peninsula can bring you the best of luck between November and August.

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