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Fireflies at Blue Spring State Park

The amazing mother nature's light show takes place every spring in Central Florida

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Blue Spring State Park, located in Orange City, just 35 mi (56 km) north of Orlando, is best known for its magnificent manatees. But its fresh and clean water bodies also attract millions of spectacular fireflies. The sight of them glowing in the dark tropical forest is a fairy-tale-like experience that is only available for a couple of weeks starting from mid-March when fireflies are looking for mates.

Lights at Night, Blue Spring State Park

At this time, Blue Spring State Park holds its annual Lights at Night event. The park stays open for extended hours offering a stunning sight of glowing lightning bugs starting from dusk. There is a designated trail for that, and attendees need to purchase a special pass to stay at the park in the after hours. Tours leave from The Thursby House, starting at 8 pm.

Other firefly places in Florida

Blue Spring Park is not the only firefly site in Florida. However, that's where they show up in great numbers every year. In some years, fireflies are also abundant near water bodies in the Jacksonville area, Northern Florida. Fanning Springs State Park, with its old forest around the Suwanee River, is another perfect spot for fireflies that are most abundant here in April.

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