Best time to travel to Alaska

Walrus Watching

Have you ever seen a walrus in your life? In Alaska, you can see hundreds of them at one​ spot


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Arctic nature boasts many interesting creatures. And perhaps the most unusual are those that live by the sea, for example, walruses. Local people joke that these animals are the elephants of Alaska. Their lifestyle is very special, so viewing walruses in their natural habitat may be quite amusing.

Walrus Watching in Alaska - Best Season 2020

Summer is considered prime time for spotting these sea animals. That’s when thousands of male walruses leave the ice and come to lan​d, gathering at small rocky beaches. To spot them, go to Round Island, Cape Seniavin, or Cape Peirce; these places are the best for observing these creatures.

Large walrus on the ice 2020
Large walrus on the ice