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Okunoshima (Rabbit Island)

Get smothered by thousands of bunnies at a former secret military base


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Dozens of fluffy, unbelievable cute bunnies will be eating from your hands, and jumping all over you, when you lie down. If you come to the Rabbit Island with children, they will be definitely grateful for this trip and will remember it for a long time.

The bunnies of Okunoshima aren't like other rabbits across the globe. They aren't afraid of anyone, for there are no predators on the island at all. On the contrary – as they spot a human being, they chase him or her, trying to get some food, especially in the winter when food is scarce.

Getting to the island might be a little complicated, but the bright side of it is the absence of noisy crowds of tourists. Take a 1-hour ride from Hiroshima to Tadanoumi, and then take a ferry which departs every hour, and you will enjoy the lush nature in the company of your new fluffy friends.

The bunnies, according to some reports, appeared on the island as test animals for the lab, producing poisonous chemical gas during the World War II. Another version states that the first bunnies were released by school children who came there for an excursion. Anyway, with good food supply and no predators Okunoshima became a great place for the bunny population to grow. Now there are thousands of them, chasing tourists to get something edible.

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