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The Army of Ducks in Cape Town 2025

If you think ducks can't work in the wine-making business, visit South Africa and see for yourself

Best time: January–March

The Army of Ducks
The Army of Ducks
The Army of Ducks

Vergenoegd vineyard, just about 50 km from Cape Town, is home​ for 1070 duck wine-making army that keeps the ground in perfect condition, eliminating pest and snails. Even the label of this wine proudly holds the name of Runner Duck Label! Although the ducks might become a bit too shy when they see a perfect stranger like yourself, the sheer amount of them joyfully hopping around is worth the trip!

Visitors can observe the army of ducks marching to work at the vineyards at 9:45 a.m. and then they go back at 3:30 p.m. after their work day is over. According to the farmers, ducks also are responsible for the fertilization of the vineyards. The birds were originally brought from Asia and have been living at the vineyard for many years, helping to reduce pesticide use there.

Practical info

When is the best time to witness the Army of Ducks at Vergenoegd vineyard?

The best time to watch the Army of Ducks in action is during January to March when they march to and from the duck house at the vineyard. Other natural events like ducks swimming and mating can be observed all year round. Show more

Where can visitors find the ducks at Vergenoegd vineyard?

The vineyard is home to over a thousand Indian Runner and Khaki Campbell ducks, which visitors can see marching to the duck house close to the vineyard twice a day. Apart from observing the ducks, visitors can also picnic on the lawns or attend wine tastings, among other activities. Show more

How many ducks inhabit Vergenoegd vineyard, and what benefits do they provide?

The vineyard houses approximately 1070 ducks that contribute significantly to improving the vineyard. They reduce the use of pesticides, control weed and pests, and add natural biodiversity to the vineyard. The ducks have been an integral part of farm life at the Vergenoegd vineyard for many years, providing value not only to visitors but also to the vineyard itself. Show more

What led to the introduction of ducks at Vergenoegd vineyard?

Farmers originally brought Indian Runner Ducks from Asia to control pests that destroyed crops. They were introduced at Vergenoegd vineyard in Cape Town to address the issue of snails damaging grapes in the Vineyard. Since their arrival, the ducks have become a useful tool in controlling pests, reducing the use of harmful pesticides and encouraging vineyard health. Show more

Is it possible to see the ducks fertilising the vineyards during a visit to Vergenoegd vineyard?

Although visitors may not witness the ducks fertilising the vineyard, they play an essential role in weed control, promoting vineyard health, and mitigating pests. By keeping pests at bay, ducks help produce quality grapes without the need for harmful pesticides. Therefore, visitors can watch them carry out their pest control duties and, at the same time, enjoy the beauty of the vineyard. Show more

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