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Pudu Deer in Chile

The world's tiniest deer are found in small numbers in dense Chilean forests—such a wildlife encounter is a rare blessing

Best time: November–February

Pudu Deer
Pudu Deer
Pudu Deer

Chile is home to the smallest deer species found in the world. Its name is Chilean or Southern Pudú. They are found in Lower Andes, a famed natural habitat in Chile is the lush Valdivian rainforest in Chiloé Island. The population is extremely few, so the elusive miniature deer is rarely spotted in the wild. Yet if you are really passionate about such a wildlife encounter and have a plenty of time, you might hide among the woods and wait until a cute deer eventually​ reveals itself.

Of course, pudus are also observable in zoos, which operate year-round. In November to December, the tiny pudu fawns are born, so Chilean summer might be the best time to observe the most outstanding species of local fauna.

Practical info

Where are Pudu Deer located in Chile?

Pudu Deer inhabits the Lower Andes area in Chiloé Island's Valdivian rainforest. Despite being scarce in the wild, they can also be found in zoos that operate year-round. Show more

When is the opportune time to witness Chile's Pudu Deer in their habitat?

The ideal period to see Pudu Deer in the wild is from November to February, during the summer season. Even though pudu fawns sighting is most frequent between November and December, their low population requires planning to observe the remarkable species. Show more

How likely are visitors to spot Chile's Pudu Deer in their natural surroundings?

The probability of sighting Pudu Deer in their natural environment is minimal, given the rarity of the species. To locate Pudu Deer, one must possess knowledge of their habitat and have patience and experience. Nonetheless, they are present year-round in zoos and national parks beyond their natural setting. Show more

What other kinds of wildlife can tourists find in Chiloé Island's Valdivian rainforest?

Chiloé Island's Valdivian temperate rainforest is rich in biodiversity, featuring a vast array of flora, fauna, and endemic birds, trees, and frogs. The Southern pudu in the Gulfo de Corcovado and the Farallones de Calbuco are famously unique. Moreover, Andean condors, Chilean flamingos, and megalonyx eagles can also be found, among others. Show more

Do people need a special permit to observe Pudu Deer in Chilean forests?

There are no specific permits or restrictions to observe Pudu Deer in Chilean forests. Nevertheless, park regulations must be diligently followed to avoid disturbing pudus. Show more

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