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Koalas in Victoria

While these small grey creatures sleep in eucalyptus branches, tourists have one calling–to see koalas and be touched!

Best time: December–February (all year round)


Phillip Island boasts rich flora and fauna, including penguins, fur seals, and, of course, one of the symbols of Australia—koalas. Among the eucalyptus trees, it is easy to find the Koala Conservation Centre. These animals feel completely safe on the island. These "bears" are sitting in their usual places, that is, in the crown of trees, and there are around wooden elevation platforms for tourists. So, you can come quite close.

You can see koalas all year, but in the period from December to February is the best time to observe these cute animals as young joeys come out of their mothers' pouches. Another place, ideally suited for watching koalas, is Maru Koala and Animal Park in nearby Grantville. For some time now it has become home to 1,500 koalas.

Another great spot for watching koalas is French Island, home to the most significant population of koalas in Victoria. You can catch a ferry there, and the walk or cycle around the island. For seeing koalas getting active, we recommend you to camp overnight.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Phillip Island to see koalas?

From December to February is the ideal time to see koalas in Phillip Island, although they are visible all year round. It's a perfect time to observe the young joeys, as they come out of their mothers' pouches. Koala Conservation Centre and Maru Koala and Animal Park are the best places to visit to see koalas on Phillip Island. Show more

Where are the unique places to see koalas in Victoria other than Phillip Island?

French Island has the largest population of koalas in Victoria, and overnight camping is recommended to see them active. Maru Koala and Animal Park, in Grantville, is another excellent place to observe koalas. It is home to 1,500 koalas, offers hand-feeding, and educational presentations. Show more

What other species of wildlife can be found in Phillip Island besides koalas?

Phillip Island has a rich flora and fauna, including penguins and fur seals besides koalas. The Penguin Parade is a popular spot to see penguins walking along the beach at sunset, while the Seal Rocks State Park is home to fur seals. Additionally, wallabies and kangaroos can be observed here. Show more

What is the recommended duration of stay for watching koalas in French Island?

To view the koalas getting active, it's recommended to camp overnight in French Island, and exploring the island is advised to get the full experience. Depending on the wildlife lover's interest, the duration of stay may vary. Ideally, a couple of days would suffice. Show more

What is the unique feature of the Maru Koala and Animal Park that makes it stand out as a koala observation site?

Maru Koala and Animal Park is home to 1,500 koalas and has extraordinary features, including hand-feeding where visitors can feed koalas eucalyptus leaves. Educational seminars are available on koalas and their behavior, along with conservation efforts. Other than koalas, one can enjoy kangaroos, wallabies, birds, and other Australian wildlife here. Show more

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