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Arctic Fox

Dark in summer, Arctic fox dresses up into a white fur coat for winter


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Next to the polar bear, Arctic foxes belong among the most unique Arctic wildlife species. Its common habitat is Svalbard, particularly Longyearbyern, but they are also found at Børgefjell and Saltfjellet-Svartisen National Parks. You might have a closer look at the arctic fox in the Langedrag Naturpark.

Though many sources suggest that the best time to observe Arctic foxes is summer, you should remember that Arctic foxes only have white pelage during the winter time, whereas in the warm season their fur gets darker. So, if you want to take a picture of a white Arctic fox, come between November and March.

Besides, in winter you can observe the amusing spectacle of Arctic fox hunting for a lemming. The latter help them to survive the cold. Once a fox has sniffed a prey under ground, the fight begins. A fox leaps into the air to dive deep into the snow. It is not easy, everything is to be counted with a great precision—if the leap is too weak, the landing might be pretty painful. Otherwise, a fox might get stuck in the ground. It's vital for foxes to master hunting skills if they want to live through the severe season.

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