Best time to travel to Norway

Moose or Elk

Norwegian fjord forests are home to the greatest species of deer—Moose

Moose or Elk in Norway 2020 - Best Time

Moose (North American version, widely spread in the Yellowstone National Park) or Elk (Eurasian version populating large areas in Finland, Norway, Sweden, Latvia, and Estonia) is the largest species of the deer family. They are the most active during the day but they can also be quite elusive. The best time to spot a huge deer in Norway's wilderness is right after sunset. To see them through the twilight you will need a spotlight. Some companies offer elk safari tours at Buksnesfjord.

Moose or Elk in Norway - Best Season 2020

September marks the beginning of their mating season, when polygamous male elks become extremely aggressive fighting for females. Mating season is followed by a gestation period which lasts for 8 months. So, the best time to observe a peaceful picture of a female moose with her calf is definitely summer.

Best time for Moose or Elk in Norway 2020

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