Best time to travel to Norway

Moose or Elk in Norway

Norwegian fjord forests are home to the greatest species of deer—Moose

Best time: June–August (all year round)

Moose or Elk
Moose or Elk
Moose or Elk

Moose (North American version, widely spread in the Yellowstone National Park) or Elk (Eurasian version populating large areas in Finland, Norway, Sweden, Latvia, and Estonia) is the largest species of the deer family. They are the most active during the day but they can also be quite elusive. The best time to spot a huge deer in Norway's wilderness is right after sunset. To see them through the twilight you will need a spotlight.

September marks the beginning of their mating season, when polygamous male elks become extremely aggressive fighting for females. Mating season is followed by a gestation period which lasts for 8 months. So, the best time to observe a peaceful picture of a female moose with her calf is definitely in the summer. Yet, some wildlife lovers chase them during spring and or fall migrations.

If you crave for spotting the iconic animal in the wild, a reasonable option is to stay for the night in the moose observation tower Elgtårnet, in Espedalen valley, Elgland. It's located 40 ft (12 m) above the so-called “moose highway”. The area west of Lake Mjøsa and the Gudbrandsdalen valley sees up to 700 elks during their spring and fall migrations. However, even if you miss the great wanderings, you can still spot a wild moose there all year round. Also, you'll like a moose safari on E-bike starting from Dombås through the Dovrefjell mountains. Some companies offer elk safari tours at Buksnesfjord in northern Norway.

If you prefer a close and friendly encounter, you can visit one of Norway's animal parks, namely the famous moose park Elgtun in Bygland or Kristiansand Zoo, and Amusement Park in southernmost Norway. Consider also Langedrag Nature Park in Hallingdal, Norwegian Moose Center in Stor-Elvdal, the Namsskogan Family Park in Trøndelag, and Polar Park in Narvik.

Practical info

Where can you find moose in Norway?

Norway has an abundance of moose in its fjord forests, and it's possible to spot them in the wild. The best place to see them is the moose observation tower Elgtårnet, located in Espedalen valley, Elgland. Western area of Lake Mjøsa and the Gudbrandsdalen valley areas have up to 700 moose during the spring and fall migrations. Show more

When is the best time to observe a mother moose with her calf?

For a chance to see a female moose with its calf, the best time to visit Norway is from June to August. It is during this time that female moose give birth to their offspring. However, moose can still be spotted all year round. The best time to observe their migratory patterns is during the spring and fall migration periods. Show more

What is the difference between moose and elk?

Moose and elk may appear similar, but they are distinct species of deer. The North American Moose is different from the Eurasian Moose, which are known as Elk. Elk are found in large populations in Finland, Norway, Sweden, Latvia, and Estonia, while the North American Moose is found in Yellowstone National Park. Show more

Which national parks in Norway offer moose observation opportunities?

There are several national parks in Norway where moose observation is possible. Langedrag Nature Park is in Hallingdal, the Norwegian Moose Center is in Stor-Elvdal, the Namsskogan Family Park is in Trøndelag, and the Polar Park is in Narvik. Additionally, the Kristiansand Zoo and Amusement Park provides an opportunity to witness the animals up close, as does moose park Elgtun in Bygland. Show more

When is elk mating season in Norway?

Male elk in Norway begin their polygamous mating season in September. During this time, males can be very aggressive as they compete for female elk. The gestation period of female elk is approximately eight months, and they give birth to their calves in the early summer. September is the perfect time to observe the mating rituals of the elk. Show more

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