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Proboscis Monkeys

They may seem very cute because of their golden fur and tiny brown eyes, but their huge nose make them look rather weird

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The island Borneo is home to a number of endemic species which attract attention due to their unusual looks. Think only of pygmy elephants, bay cats, Hose's palm civet, and of course, proboscis monkeys.

Proboscis monkeys are also called bekantan in the local dialect. They are on the red list of threatened species, but fortunately it is still easy to find them if you are looking in a right place. They are famous mostly because of a huge nose, which symbolises the maturity of a male.

Proboscis monkeys can be found in mangrove forests, lowlands, and around swamps. In Sabah you can visit Labuk Bay Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary. In Sarawak the best place in Baku National Park. In Brunei you need to take a boat tour along the Brunei River or Tutong River to meet these unusual primates.

Also, it is recommended to look for Proboscis monkeys in the early morning or at dusk.

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