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Wildlife Watching in Mongolia

The Mongolian wilderness resembles a zoo, with only one difference: animals and birds are freely living in their natural habitat

Best time: July–September

Wildlife Watching
Wildlife Watching
Wildlife Watching
Wildlife Watching
Wildlife Watching
Wildlife Watching
Wildlife Watching
Wildlife Watching

It would be unthoughtful to visit one of world's wildest countries and not to meet its unique wildlife in person. Have you ever seen a wild sheep called an Argali? Or a wild goat called an Ibex? What about a wild ass, a yak, a marten, a marmot, a beaver, a sable, or a gazelle, maybe? Wolves and foxes are also abundant.

The bird variety is impressive featuring eagles and falcons, kites and goshawkes, lammergeyers and harriers, and owls and vultures. Listing all the species found here would be too long, but you've got the idea: Mongolia teems with wildlife. The hotspots for wildlife safaris include the Altai Mountains, Gobi Desert, and Har Us National Park. Guided wildlife watching tours run mostly from July to September.

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When is the best time to visit Mongolia for wildlife watching?

Wildlife watching in Mongolia peaks between July and September, when temperatures are warmer and vegetation is lush. This is also the mating season for many species, such as the Argali sheep and Ibex goats. Witnessing their elaborate courtship behavior is a key highlight of the Mongolian wildlife watching experience. Show more

Where are the hotspots for wildlife safaris in Mongolia?

Hotspots for wildlife safaris in Mongolia are located in the Altai Mountains, Gobi Desert and Har Us National Park areas. Snow leopards and other big cats inhabit the Altai range, while the Bactrian camel and Gobi bear are typical to the Gobi Desert. Explore Har Us National Park and observe over 200 bird varieties, many of which visit the reserve during summer's breeding season. Show more

What are some unique wild animals that can be seen in Mongolia?

In addition to the snow leopard, other unique animals to spot in Mongolia are the Bactrian camel, Gobi bear, wild ass, yak, marten, marmot, beaver, sable, and gazelle. Mongolian birdlife is also impressive, with eagles, falcons, owls, and vultures amongst the 450+ bird species identified. The daily life of animals, particularly the courtship rituals of Argali sheep and Ibex goats, offer rewarding photo opportunities. Show more

How many species of birds can be found in Mongolia?

Mongolia is an idyllic location for birding, thanks to its 450+ bird species. Though summer sees a significant migration, there are plenty of birds to look for throughout the year. Eagles, falcons, kites, goshawks, lammergeyers, harriers, and vultures are among the favorites. The reserve's abundance of insects and small mammals attract species from afar. Show more

What are some guided wildlife watching tours available in Mongolia and how long do they run for?

Mongolia offers 10 to 14 day wildlife watching tours for adventurers. One of the popular tours is Gobi Desert Wildlife Safari, which explores the habitat of Bactrian camels and Gobi bears. Another option is the Snow Leopard Quest, with a focus on spotting elusive big cats. Bird-watching enthusiasts can consider the birding for amateurs tour. These tours are led by experienced local guides with extensive knowledge of the region's wildlife. Show more

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