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Wildlife Watching

The Mongolian wilderness resembles a zoo, with only one difference: animals and birds are freely living in their natural habitat


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It would be unthoughtful to visit one of world's wildest countries and not to meet its unique wildlife in person. Have you ever seen a wild sheep called an Argali? Or a wild goat called an Ibex? What about a wild ass, a yak, a marten, a marmot, a beaver, a sable, or a gazelle, maybe? Wolves and foxes are also abundant.

The bird variety is impressive featuring eagles and falcons, kites and goshawkes, lammergeyers and harriers, and owls and vultures. Listing all the species found here would be too long, but you've got the idea: Mongolia teems with wildlife. The hotspots for wildlife safaris include the Altai Mountains, Gobi Desert, and Har Us National Park. Guided wildlife watching tours run mostly from July to September.

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