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Red Deer​ Rutting in Scotland 2024

The loud clash of red deer signals that rutting season is on–time to watch the stags' fight​

Best time: September–October

Red Deer​ Rutting
Red Deer​ Rutting
Red Deer​ Rutting
Red Deer​ Rutting
Red Deer​ Rutting

As the summer days are nearly over, the temperatures cool off and the leaves become yellow and red, here's when the autumn arrives. Scotland boasts four different deer species: red deer, fallow deer, roe deer, and sika deer.

Red Deer is one of the highlights of the Scottish wildlife, particularly during the exciting rutting season when stags fight with each other to win as many females for mating as possible. During the battle, the deers use their antlers and body weight. It is a pretty exhausting fight with stags often using 20 percent of their body weightwa during the skirmish. The clamor of deer rutting heard here and there across the Highlands evokes true excitement and intrigue.

For those hoping to get a closer look, Red Deer safaris allow you to witness the rutting rituals from a safe distance. The best places to observe rutting activity are the Isle of Arran in Ayrshire county, the isles of Jura and Rum in the Inner Hebrides​, the area around Torridon hills, and Lochaber, and also the Knoydart peninsula. Red deer rutting season runs between September and October.​ Though some deer activity occurs throughout the day, it is at its highest intensity after dawn's early light.

Practical info

When is the best time to witness Red Deer rutting in Scotland?

Early morning from September to October is the best time to see Red Deer males fight for mating. Listeners can hear loud clashes when stags fight with antlers during this time, although they are active throughout the day. Show more

Where are the best places to observe deer rutting in Scotland?

Red Deer safaris are available in several places in Scotland. Isle of Arran, Jura and Rum are some of the places in the Inner Hebrides is where deers can be observed fighting for their mates. Other places are the area around Torridon Hills and Lochaber, and the Knoydart peninsula. Show more

How do the Red Deer stags fight during the rutting season?

Red Deer stags use their antlers and body weight to fight against each other for mating. Every meeting results in a loud clash, because approximately 20 percent of the stag's body weight is used in the fight. The stags continue until one of them withdraws from the battle. The fights occur during the rutting season. Show more

What other species of deer can be found in Scotland?

Scotland is home to four different species of deer that are Red, Fallow, Roe, and Sika. The forest and parks of central Scotland are where you are most likely to see Fallow Deer. Roe Deer are the most common and Sika Deer can be found in the north of Scotland. Show more

Are there any other activities or safaris available to explore wildlife in Scotland, apart from Red Deer safaris?

Apart from the Red Deer safaris, there are other activities and safaris to explore the wildlife in Scotland. The Cairngorms National Park in Scotland offers guided tours. Take a wildlife adventure to the Scottish Highlands or go on a whale watching tour. A boat trip along the coast of Isle of Skye is also available. Show more

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