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Best time to visit Victoria

Surfing Off Victoria Coast

The wild coast of Victoria may offer the best surfing in the world, among the densely overgrown hills and cliffs

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The coast of southeastern Victoria has long been listed among best surfing spots. Bathed by the troubled waters of the Bass Strait, it offers excellent conditions for this sport. And although the beaches of Melbourne are not too suitable for surfing (the city is located in the secluded bay of Port Phillip), an hour or two away from the city there are many excellent places with real oceanic surf.

Point Leo is suitable for beginners and pros. In addition, it is worth seeing the magnificent view of the Phillip Island. The Island itself is also recognized throughout Australia as a good place for surfing. The waves here are quite big and even some competitions are organized on the island.

Seventy kilometres to the south-east of Melbourne there is the Mornington Peninsula, a picturesque area that combines untouched wild coast, and, of course, a fantastically vast expanse of the ocean. Perhaps the most popular place here is Gunnamatta, a lively beach with a wide, 150-meter surf zone. It is not a suitable place for beginners. When the wind rises, here the raging waves of the open ocean reach almost two meters in height. But for the experienced surfers of Gunnamatta, it gives a wonderful chance to show their skills to the fullest.

To the west, at the very end of the peninsula, near the Wilson's Folly Reserve, there are the beaches of Portsea and Sorrento-Ocean. The beach stretches for two and a half kilometers, and two-meter waves with the appropriate wind guarantee perfect surfing.

A hundred kilometers to the southwest of Melbourne there is the small town of Torquay, which is the starting point of the Great Ocean Road and is considered the "surfing capital of Australia." In these places you can meet the greatest number of surfers. Here one of the most prestigious competitions "Rip Curl Pro" is held regularly.

South of Torquay there is the quiet village of Anglesea, where a rather mild wind chases endless waves. The waves are more calm, fewer tourists come here, and the coast is suitable for surfers with any level of training, because on all its length there are different conditions with different types of waves.

Surfing in this part of Australia is all year round, but is especially good from September to May. Winter months usually gets very cold and wet, so you might need a thick wetsuit. However, the swells are great in winter.

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