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Moncton Tidal Bore Surfing & Viewing

Twice a day, waves ride upstream the Petitcodiac River making for a unique surfing spot


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The City of Moncton in southeastern New Brunswick is famed for its Petitcodiac River Tidal Bore. The tides from the Bay of Fundy push the water to the city twice a day. The waves running upstream vary from 1 to 24 in (3 to 60 cm). They used to be even bigger before the construction of the causeway. In the meantime, the river water level rises up to 25 ft (about 8 m).

This natural phenomenon makes the Petitcodiac River one of the world's best tidal bore surfing spots, which enjoys increasing popularity internationally. Yet it is a dangerous adventure suitable mostly for advanced surfers.

The legendary tidal bore is likewise appreciated by curious spectators who come to see the river's unusual current pass by Dieppe towards Moncton. Viewers typically gather at the Moncton Riverfront Park or the nearby Bore View Park for the best lookouts. Right next to it, at 10 Bendview Court, there's the visitor information center Treitz Haus where you can learn more about the tidal bore. The interpreters work at the info center during the summer months.

There are several other spots for viewing the tidal bore along the Riverfront Trail system and in the area between the Gunningsville Bridge and the Causeway. Across the river, there is another excellent viewing spot on the boardwalk outside the Chocolate River Station in Riverview.

Even though the Petitcodiac River Tidal Bore is a year-round occurrence, the timing and intensity differ daily. On full moon and new moon days, there is a potential for a larger than normal bore, which also promises higher waves two days before and after. The exact bore schedule for a particular date and the best time for tidal bore viewing can be found at

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