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Horizontal Falls

Nature doesn't stop amazing us. If you have never heard of Horizontal Waterfalls before, it is the right time to find out

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The Horizontal Falls have been called one of the greatest natural wonders of the world. It can be found in the Talbot Bay, Kimberley region, Australia. This natural phenomenon occurs when the massive amount of water is pushed through the twin gaps in the McLarty Range by the power of tidal waves.

The gaps or gorges are located parallel on a distance of 300 m from each other. The first one is 20 m and the second, much more intensive, is 10 m wide. When the tide occurs, it pushes the water faster than usually and creates temporary waterfalls, which can be up to 5 m high. Interestingly, when the tide changes, the direction of the Falls changes as well.

Swimming through the gorges on a boat to the bay is impossible. The tides in this area vary up to 10 m from low to high and change every 6,5 hours. You can watch this spectacular phenomenon during a scenic seaplane adventure or during boat cruises, which are mainly provided from May to September. There is no road access to the Horizontal Falls.

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