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Flying Fish in Maldives

Just stand on the beach and wait for your catch to land near you

Best time: May–October

While sailing in the Maldives, you may spot something gliding over the surface of the water. It may seem like a bird, but it's actually a flying fish! It belongs to a family of Exocoetidae, which is comprised of around 60 species. Due to its long, wing-like fins and tail, this fish can easily glide for considerable distances over the water. To rise above the water, the flying fish wings its tail more than 70 times per second. This also helps the fish avoid predators.

The monsoon season from May to October is when the seas get rough. Flying fish are usually drawn to the shore during this time, which provides an opportunity for local fishermen. It's the easiest fishing technique ever! All you have to do is wait for the fish to land on the beach and not be able to take off again. The island of Fuvahmulah is where flying fish are particularly abundant, so if you see hundreds of people on the beach staring at the horizon, don't be surprised - they may return home with a good catch!

Practical info

When is the best time for tourists to observe flying fish in the Maldives?

The flying fish in the Maldives can be observed during the monsoon season, which occurs from May to October. Since the seas are rough during this season, the flying fish are drawn towards the shore. During this time of year, many local fishermen take the opportunity to catch these fish. Fuvahmulah is the most popular island to visit for those interested in observing these creatures. Show more

Which island is the most well-known for an abundance of flying fish in the Maldives?

Fuvahmulah, an island in the Maldives, is known for its high abundance of flying fish. Local inhabitants depend on these flying fish for food. Tourists who are interested in observing these creatures can visit Fuvahmulah during the monsoon season from May to October. Many people gather on the beach during this season to capture the flying fish. Fuvahmulah is a popular destination for anyone wanting to observe these creatures. Show more

What is the family of fish to which flying fish belong?

Flying fish belong to the Exocoetidae family, which consists of roughly 60 species. Flying fish are so called because their fins and tails resemble wings, enabling them to glide significant distances over the water. To rise above the water, the flying fish needs to move its tail more than 70 times per second. This rapid movement assists them in avoiding predators as they glide over the water surface. Show more

In what way do flying fish attempt to avoid predators?

Flying fish prefer to glide over the water surface to evade predators. Flying fish possess wings and tails that enable them to glide long distances over water surfaces. By moving their tail more than 70 times per second, the flying fish rises above the water surface to glide, which allows them to avoid predators. This gliding ability gives them a better chance of survival than solely swimming in the water. Show more

Is it possible for tourists to participate in catching flying fish while visiting the Maldives?

Yes, tourists who plan a trip to the Maldives may participate in catching flying fish, particularly when the seas are rough, which is during the monsoon season between May and October. Furthermore, Fuvahmulah is an excellent destination for catching flying fish as it is well-known for its abundance of the species. Local fishermen use an uncomplicated method to catch flying fish, waiting until they land on shore and cannot take off. Tourists may watch the process or participate and take home their catch. Show more

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