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Flying Fish

Just stand on the beach and wait for your catch to land near you

When you are sailing in the Maldives, you can spot something gliding over the surface. It may seem like a bird, but it's actually a flying fish! It belongs to a family of Exocoetidae, which unites about 60 species. Due to its long, wing-like fins and tail, this fish can easily glide for considerable distances a few meters over the water. To rise above the water, the flying fish wings its tail for more than 70 times per second. This helps the fish avoid predators.

The monsoon season May through October is when the seas get rough, and flying fish get drawn to the shore. This provides an opportunity for local fishermen. It's the easiest fishing technique ever! All you have to do is wait when the fish lands on the beach and is unable to take off again. The island of Fuvahmulah is where flying fish is particularly abundant. So if you see hundreds of people on the beach and staring at the horizon, don't be surprised. They may return home with a good catch.

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