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Independence Day 2024

Maldives commemorates its long way to independence through colourful parades, flag hoisting ceremonies, and other solemnities

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Colourful parades, flag hoisting ceremonies, schoolchildren's performances, festive processions, and plenty of other events hit the Maldives on July 26th, the day when the country celebrates its independence. Maldives declared its freedom from the United Kingdom back in 1965, yet they had come a long way to go to achieve that goal. It began as a British protectorate in 1887, next was the short-lived First Republic of Maldives which emerged in 1953, 6 years later some atolls separated from the sultanate and founded the United Suvadive Republic which finally capitulated and the country rejoined.

Today the national holiday is widely celebrated throughout the islands, and the capital city of Male naturally hosts the most significant festival. Its highlights include parades by the National Cadet Corps and the National Security Services, followed by various processions, exhibiting modern themes and traditional values. All these parades are usually enacted by children wearing vibrant clothes.

Independence Day in the Maldives was given an incredible significance and has been declared as a national public holiday. Most Maldivians are allowed to stay at home and to celebrate this feast with their loved ones.

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