Best time to visit Fiji


Fiji has two surf seasons—one for advanced surfers, and another for the less experienced

Surfing in Fiji 2020 - Best Time

© Hana Tomasevic

There are two surfing seasons in Fiji—winter (April–October) and summer (November–March). Winter is considered the best for experts, as during the season you can catch the biggest waves: strong winds blow from the south, bringing 2-3 (even 4-5) meter waves. Typically only advanced surfers choose this period.

Surfing in Fiji - Best Season 2020

The warm summer season is more suitable for less experienced surfers to learn and train their skills. Winds calm down at this time causing shorter swells. The weather is rather warm. Though don't think that summer surfing in Fiji is very easy—in fact, a variety of swells differ from place to place. Check out the reefs surrounding Fiji and choose according to your skills and abilities.