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Best time of year to visit Tahiti

Balm, dry, and less humid period between May and October is considered to be the best time to visit Tahiti. Austral winter is known as a peak tourist season and lures travellers from all over the world to catch pearl harvest season, watch sharks, and do some diving and surfing. In July, you can also enjoy a few weeks of the Heiva celebrations full of traditional Polynesian singing and dancing. Even though long Tahitian summer from November to April brings in agonizing heat, unbearable humidity, and heavy downpours, there will be some sunny days to enjoy turquoise-water beaches, go see waterfalls and Tiare Tahiti flowers. Heavy rains during summertime are usually interspersed with periods of sunshine. That's why the rooms are still in high demand, and the rates remain high, even though resorts see fewer tourists.


Shark Watching and Feeding

June–November • nature

Your heart rate will rise in the presence of some of these deadly sea predators, swimmers can join the packs in water, while non-swimmers may watch the action from aboard

Diving and Snorkeling around Tahiti

April–November • activity

Take an unforgettable diving trip in Tahiti during the Polynesia winter when the water temperature is lower and the visibility is clearer

Tahitian Pearl Harvest

May–November • activity

If pearls have captured your heart, come to Tahiti and see how they grow and are harvested

Polynesian Breadfruit (Uru or Ulu)

July–August | November–April • food

Special thanks to the British Captain Cook who discovered this versatile fruit in French Polynesia

Dolphin Watching

November–July • nature

Check out leaping and playing dolphins in the turquoise waters around your boat—a truly joyful experience in Tahiti

Ma’a Tahiti

all year round • food

Give a try to a traditional Tahitian dish prepared in a typical underground oven


All year (best May–October) • activity

Surfers' dreams come true in Tahiti—home to the world's best waves


March–July (harvest) | July–August (pollination) • food

Learn about vanilla growing process and taste Tahitian ice-cream, cakes, others desserts, and tropical cocktails with vanilla—the islands' delicious signature

Tiare Tahiti

September–April (all year round) • nature

Tahitian emblematic flower is celebrated during Tiare Honoring Days through weaving wreaths and bunches of the favourite blossoms


May–October • activity

Explore Tahiti's beauty by foot while visiting Fautaua Valley and the Hitiaa Lava Tubes

Poisson Cru

May–September • food

Try this fresh and simple, yet flavorful, delicate, and perfectly harmonious national dish of Tahiti


Heiva i Tahiti

July 04–21, 2018 • event

Discover the symbol of the Polynesian culture and an iconic event for people proud of their heritage and history

Humpback Whales

August–October • nature

Don't miss the opportunity to observe humpback whales and swim up close with these ocean giants

Stone Fishing

November, 2020 • activity

Experience this centuries-old Polynesian tradition of catching fish

Deep Sea Fishing

October–June • activity

Discover deep sea fishing in the open Pacific Ocean and enjoy fabulous views of the islands

Papara Pro Surf Festival

March 11–16, 2018 • event

This is your chance to witness the uprise of new "kings of waves" on this tiny tropical island in the Pacific!


May 12–13, 2018 • event

This two day triathlon competition crosses several iconic sites of Tahiti

Waterfalls After Rain

November–March • nature

Discover the uninhabited world of Papenoo Valley with its lakes, waterfalls, and giant rocks