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Best time to travel to French Polynesia

Shark Watching and Feeding

Your heart rate will rise in the presence of some of these deadly sea predators, swimmers can join the packs in water, while non-swimmers may watch the action from aboard

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The sight of sharks often raises mixed feelings—fear, anticipation, and excitement! Not only can you watch these terrifying predators, but also feed them by hand under the supervision of experienced instructors. Check out how they strip a large piece of tuna to the last bone in minutes. Feeding sharks from a boat is offered by many tour operators in French Polynesia, it's one of the most popular experiences.

In the Pacific, you can see at least 16 shark species, such as the white tip lagoon shark, grey reef shark, blacktip reef shark, lemon shark, silvertip shark, silky shark, the oceanic whitetip, tiger shark, and even whale shark! The best spots for seeing them are Tahiti, Tikehau, Bora Bora, Rangiroa, Fakarava, and Moorea. The latter is also infested with Manta Rays.

Sharks can be found in the Pacific year round. The best time to see a great shark gathering is from June to November—that's their breeding season, so the mammals stick around.

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