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Diving in Raja Ampat

The scuba diving heaven of Indonesia is like no other place on earth

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The Raja Ampat Islands are an archipelago northwest of West Papua. Hundreds of beautiful green jungle-covered islands offer beaches and coral reefs famous for their colourful marine life. You can also see ancient rock paintings and caves in this area, but the main reason people visit this place is for the diving.

Scuba diving in Raja Ampat is very enjoyable due to the warm waters and beautiful corals. You'll see huge schools of fish, plenty of manta rays, and sharks. The sea life is more abundant in the north, while the south is famous for soft corals. Batanta and Salawati are the archipelago’s main islands.

Although diving in Raja Ampat could be done all year round, the best time is October to April when you'll find less rain along with calm and warm sea. The worst time to go is monsoon season from mid-June through mid-September. Due to winds and rough sea, most liveboards stop operating in the area.

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