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Heaven Light (Jomblang Cave) in Indonesia 2024

Witness the mystical heavenly light coming in through the hole in the cave

Best time: May–September

Heaven Light (Jomblang Cave)
Heaven Light (Jomblang Cave)
Heaven Light (Jomblang Cave)

The Jomblang Cave is located near Pacarrejo village, in the Semanu region. It is one of more than 300 caves in this area with a depth of 80 m. In order to see the famous light, you must visit the cave no later than 10 am.

A professional crew will lower you down 60 m into the cave with rappelling equipment. Once in the cave, you will discover the tunnel connecting this cave with another cave named Grubug, which has a depth of 120 m. This is where you will see the divine light. The entire caving experience might take up to 8 hours.

The dry summer season from May to September is the best time to marvel at the heaven light inside the cave.

Practical info

What time of day can you witness the heaven light in Jomblang Cave?

To witness the heavenly light created by the sun shining into the opening in Jomblang Cave, visitors must arrive no later than 10 am. This event illuminates the underground cavern with a beam of light and should not be missed. Arriving early is necessary to fully experience the natural wonder and adventure of the cave system. Show more

How long does it take to explore the cave and see the heaven light?

The adventure to witness the heavenly light in Jomblang Cave can take up to eight hours, including the descent into the cave, trekking through rough terrain, and exploring adjacent Grubug cave at a depth of 120 meters. Being fully prepared for a physically demanding and challenging experience is essential. Allowing enough time for the cave's full-day expedition will ensure there is sufficient time to enjoy it without feeling rushed. Show more

Are there any age restrictions for exploring Jomblang Cave?

Jomblang Cave caving experience requires physical fitness to cope with the rappelling and trekking challenges. Visitors with medical conditions and other constraints that could prevent them from experiencing the cave safely should avoid the activity. Safety is paramount, and tour companies require visitors to follow safety guidelines and guides' instructions. Age is not a specific criterion for participation, but safety and physical attributes are priorities. Show more

What kind of gear do you need for the descent into Jomblang Cave?

Rappelling down into the cave requires gear that the tour company provides. Comfortable and sturdy shoes with good grips are essential for trekking over rough terrain. Helmets, harnesses, and ropes are among other gear provided to ensure cavers' safety. Visitors should wear comfortable clothing to ensure their gear fits correctly and avoid jewelry and loose-fitting clothes to ensure their safety as they descend into the cave. Show more

Can you visit Jomblang Cave during the rainy season?

It is possible to visit Jomblang Cave during the rainy season from October to April, but the experience is more challenging and hazardous. Floods often occur during this period and can impede transportation to and from Jomblang Cave. Additionally, some tour operators may not provide tours during these seasons. Visitors should consult with the tour operators and make appropriate plans to enjoy the cave adventure during the dry season from May to September. Show more

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