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Ice Caves in Austria

Walk into the frozen world during warm summer months

Best time: May–October

Ice Caves
Ice Caves
Ice Caves
Ice Caves
Ice Caves

High above the village of Werfen, there is an entrance to the world’s largest explored labyrinth of ice caves with a length of about 50 km. This world of Ice Giants was discovered in 1879. The first stop is Poset Hall, with the magnificent Posselt Tower stalagmite.

Marvel at the incredible Great Ice Embankment, a massive formation rising up over 22 meters. For an even more stunning effect, the ice formations are sometimes highlighted with magnesium lighting. Eisriesenwelt is a glittering ice empire spanning 30,000 sq m with 42 km of narrow passages burrowing deep into the heart of the mountains.

The guided tours also provide scientific and historical background. At the beginning of the tour the toughest part of the ice cave will be negotiated via cable cars, and from there you'll have an amazing view over the Salzach valley as well as a mountain panorama of the Hohen Tauern.

Hundalm ice cave, in the north of Wörgl in Tyrol, showcases an impressive natural phenomenon. This cave is located on a high plateau in the north of Angerberg and about 3 km north of Mariastein. The Hundalm ice and dripstone caves have been protected and researched since the mid 60's. It has been proven that some dripstones date back to about 120,000 to 350,000 years ago.

The Spannagel cave, which is the highest snow cave in Europe, is located in the area of Hintertux Glacier. Even if it’s hot outside, entering the caves in any season is like stepping into a deep freeze, so remember to take some warm clothes with you.

Practical info

What is the best time to visit the Ice Caves in Austria?

To witness the sparkling ice formations, the best time to visit the ice caves in Austria is between May and October when the warm weather makes for a suitable tour. This experience will be unforgettable as some of the ice formations are highlighted with magnesium lighting creating a breathtaking view. Show more

How long does the tour of Eisriesenwelt take?

The tour of Eisriesenwelt is an extensive hour and a half long trip. Starting with navigating the toughest part of the cave on cable cars before witnessing the Salzach valley and Hohen Tauern mountain panorama, visitors get a detailed history of the cave, making the entire experience informative. Show more

Can visitors touch the ice formations inside the caves?

For the preservation of the natural wonder, visitors are not allowed to touch the ice formations during their visit. Any sort of damage or safety neglect will lead to legal consequences. It is important to follow the guidance and rules mentioned during the tour to have a safe and enjoyable experience. Show more

How are the ice formations highlighted during the tour?

Magnesium lighting is used to highlight the ice formations in the caves, making for a stunningly bright natural spectacle in the dark cave. This awe-inspiring experience is created by spotlighting the beauty of these natural formations. Show more

Which cave in Austria is considered the highest snow cave in Europe and where is it located?

The highest snow cave in Europe, Spannagel cave, is located on Hintertux Glacier, Austria. Regardless of the season, visitors can marvel the gorgeous ice formations, but they are advised to bring warm clothes due to the freezing temperatures inside the cave. The breathtaking views that Spannagel cave offers are truly unforgettable. Show more

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