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Bounce Below in Llechwedd Caverns in Wales

An abandoned slate mine is turned into an underground playground

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Bounce Below in Llechwedd Caverns

The Llechwedd Caverns in Blaenau Ffestiniog hosts a trampoline playground called Bounce Below. One of the main attractions in the area boasts huge springy nets suspended underground creating a unique subterranean bounce zone, especially loved by teenagers. There are also ladders and slides all inside the giant cave, twice the size of St. Paul's Cathedral.

First, visitors take an old mine train, they then can see a staggering maze of 929 square meters of nets. The park has three levels of trampolines at 6m, 20m and the tallest is 50m above the ground. Visitors can go on an industrial-sized slide, crawl through a tunnel, or descend a spiral staircase to get from one level to another.

Bounce Below Park is open year round, during high season in the summer it is open more days per week and offers longer hours. Check the park's schedule before planning your visit.

The cave was formed as the result of an old mining quarry, and visitors can see the remnants of a bygone era. Wales produces some of the world’s best slate. It has been used since the Roman times to build castles. In the Victorian-era, miners blasted the precious material out of the side of mountains. However, with other construction materials becoming available, the demand for slate dropped and mines were abandoned. If you are interested in the subject, the Llechwedd caverns offer tours of its slate mining history.

Practical info

What makes Llechwedd Caverns historically significant?

Llechwedd Caverns has a rich history of slate mining that has dating back to Victorian times. The caves exist because of mining quarries that have transformed into surprisingly scenic artificial geology. The Welsh, with their exceptional slate manufacture, has been offering its quality slate since the Roman times contributing to the structural development of buildings such as castles. Nowadays, Llechwedd Caverns operates as a historical tour site for visitors interested in Wales' mining background. Show more

What are the activities one can participate in while visiting Bounce Below?

Bounce Below visitors can enjoy three levels of net-supported trampolining above the ground with elevator service via an old mine train. The facility also offers an industrial slide, tunnel crawl, and spiral staircase, all within the pleasantly chilly depths of an old mining quarry. The mammoth space occupying activities are designed to provide visitors with a great recreational experience which is unique in nature. Show more

What is the size of the Bounce Below playground?

The underground Bounce Below playground caters to a huge space of 929 square meters covered by massive nets. It is inside a mammoth cavern structure twice the size of St. Paul's Cathedral. The net-suspended trampoline levels are an impressive affair, ranging from 6m to 50m above the ground. Visitors can have fun jumping, crawling, sliding, and adventuring through this extraordinary indoor recreational space, perfect for thrill-seekers. Show more

What is the opening schedule like, and when is the ideal time to visit Bounce Below?

Bounce Below's subterranean recreation space is open year-round but offers extended hours and open days during peak summer season. Visitors are encouraged to confirm the park's operating schedule before arranging their trip. The climate in Wales is temperate and generally mild in winter, while summers offer a more sun and warmth. Visitors may prefer planning their trip during summer when the weather is more favorable for outdoor activities. Show more

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