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Candlelit Caving

Feel the urge of a thrilling adventure? Challenge yourself to the dark waterways of Guatemala's bat-filled caves


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The Lanquín and K'anba Caves offer unforgettable adventure: from swimming to scrambling, water tubing, rope and ladder climbing, and cliff-jumping. All this can be done in complete darkness broken only by dull candlelight, and naturally many-many bats that awaken at dusk and leave the caves in search of a meal.

The entrance to the caves is equipped with ladders and electric lights, ensuring safe caving for beginners, but if you are into serious spelunking, make sure to take a flashlight and suitable clothes—particularly good sturdy shoes, for you will have to walk through the river on a rather slippery bottom surface in complete darkness.

The most convenient time to descend into the caves is the dry season between November and April, whereas the Lanquín Caves promises a special experience on December 5th when local indigenous Mayan people gather here to carry out annual cave ritual performances.​

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