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Boqueron Canyon

Guatemalan wildlife literally roars just a few steps away from your lonely boat crossing the canyon

Boqueron Canyon in Guatemala 2019 - Best Time
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Walter Rodriguez

Boqueron Canyon is more similar to a large gorge than a typical canyon, and instead of the usual jumping, swimming, and rock climbing most opt to glide silently along the river by boat whispering to your friends aboard and enjoying the jungle. Why whispering? For the fear of the dreadful wildlife sounds coming from the lush surround​ing forests. The scenery is undoubtedly nice, but the sounds of the wilderness are awe-inspiring indeed. Tourists are few in the area, so you are likely to boat alone, and the sense of isolation only enhances the thrill. Despite the scarcity of tourists, you can always find a few locals eager to take you through the fascinating waterway by boat. The trip normally takes one hour and ensures a great experience. The best season in terms of weather is February to May.

Boqueron Canyon in Guatemala - Best Season 2019
Best time for Boqueron Canyon in Guatemala 2019