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Antelope Canyon Light Beams Season in Arizona

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Best time: April–September

Antelope Canyon Light Beams Season
Antelope Canyon Light Beams Season
Antelope Canyon Light Beams Season
Antelope Canyon Light Beams Season
Antelope Canyon Light Beams Season
Antelope Canyon Light Beams Season

Situated inside the LeChee Chapter of the Navajo Nation, gorgeous Antelope Canyon is a combination of two scenic slot canyon sections, known as Upper and Lower Canyon. Formed by millions of years of water erosion and wind, Antelope Canyon’s fantastic smooth sandstone has made it one of the most famous canyons in the world.

Being accessible since 1997, Arizona's Antelope Canyon became a popular location both for sightseers and photographers. However, it is impossible to visit the Canyon independently because of extreme danger, and the visits are only accessible by guided tour.

It can be said that Upper Antelope Canyon ate tourist's hearts as its length and entrance are at ground level and requires no climbing. The shafts and beams of direct sunlight radiating down are much more common precisely in Upper Canyon.

The shallower Lower Antelope Canyon is located several miles from Upper Antelope Canyon, resembles the shape of "V" and is presented as a more difficult hike than the Upper Canyon. Visiting it often requires climbing along pre-installed ladders, and the lighting in it is better in the early morning.

The best time to visit Antelope Canyon is from April through September when the sun brings more sun into the canyon, and you will get the most stunning photos. But, mind that this is also peak tourist season and all the midday tours might be booked. And last it was checked, the flash floods are not rare occasions during the summer. If you are more likely to miss all the crowds, visit the canyon during the off-season from October to March. The con is that you won't meet any magic sunbeams inside of the canyon.

Practical info

When is the best time to see the light beams in Antelope Canyon?

To increase the chances of seeing beautiful light beams, it's recommended to visit Antelope Canyon between April and September. Although this is a peak tourist season, visiting in this time ensures the best sunlight that enhances the beauty of the Canyon. For visitors who wish to avoid the crowds, it's better to visit between October to March, although the light beams may not appear during this time. Show more

Where can I access Antelope Canyon?

Antelope Canyon is positioned in the LeChee Chapter of Navajo Nation, which is located in the neighborhood of Page, Arizona, attracting tourists from across the world. The town of Page is located on the banks of Lake Powell, and several popular tourist destinations such as Zion National Park and the Grand Canyon are nearby, making it a perfect location for Arizona adventures. Show more

How can I visit Antelope Canyon safely?

Antelope Canyon is incredibly dangerous, and visitors can't travel there independently. Everyone must book the guided tours in advance, either online or by reaching out to tour companies such as Antelope Canyon Tours, Ken's Tours, and Dixie Ellis' Lower Antelope Canyon Tours. As the tours can become fully booked at times, it's essential to plan beforehand to secure your spot and ensure a smooth trip. Show more

What are the differences between Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon?

Upper Antelope Canyon and Lower Antelope Canyon differ significantly in terrain and accessibility. The Upper Antelope Canyon is more extensive and easily accessible from the ground level, allowing visitors to capture stunning pictures of light beams and captivating rock formations. Comparatively, the Lower Antelope Canyon is narrower, deeper, and requires visitors to climb down stairs and navigate through rough terrain to reach the destination. Early morning tours are preferable as they guarantee the best lighting. Show more

Can visitors safely explore Antelope Canyon during the summer season despite the risk of flash floods?

Antelope Canyon is prone to flash floods, thereby posing a threat to visitors primarily during the summer months. To avoid danger, visitors are expected to abide by all guide directives and safety instructions at all times and stay informed of possible weather changes. If flash floods occur, the tour guides will either delay or cancel the tour, depending on the severity of water levels within the canyon. To ensure increased safety for all visitors, it is essential to adhere to the tour guides' instructions at all times. Show more

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