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Fantasy Canyon

Millions of years of formation created this amazing spot


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Fantasy Canyon is a small area that features some of the most unique rock formations. This interesting spot is located 40 km south of Vernal in the north of the state. The local people call it “The Devil’s Playground.” Extraordinary rock formations look like something familiar, that's why they are given some funny descriptive names, like “Flying Witch,” “Screaming Man,” “Alien Head,” and so on.

Some 38-50 million years ago this area was covered by a large lake, called Lake Uinta and Fantasy Canyon is located along what would have been the east shore of that lake. Different weathering created this unbelievable landscape as the sandstone remained, while siltstone and shale washed away. The formations in Fantasy Canyon are very fragile and changeable due to weather factors.

The Fantasy Canyon is open to visitors all year round. However, when going there in the winter, mind that the roads get very muddy, slippery, and dangerous. Also, in the summer, the place gets too hot and buggy. Therefore, the best time is considered spring (April–May) and fall (September–October). All the same, even while coming during the favourable season, you should check the forecast for possible rainfall. Rainy days are not recommended for a visit to the canyon, and the highest precipitation is observed exactly during these spring and fall months.

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