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Canyoning in Norway

Do you like walking through shallow flowing rivers, climbing slippery stones, and jumping from cliffs into pristine water?

Best time: August – September

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From August to September rivers often appear to be too low for rafting. Luckily, there is a great alternative – canyoning. It is lots of fun to tavel along steep canyons using a number of techniques from simply walking and swimming to climbing and jumping. Although the activity demands courage and strength, as you never know how deep the waters are when you jump from the cliff, you should not worry, as the level of complexity is variable and can be always adapted to your preferences and abilities. Stranda, Raundal, and Sjoa rivers are the most popular among canyoners.

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What does canyoning involve?

Canyoning is an outdoor sport requiring agility and strength as participants traverse the steep canyons. It entails many techniques, such as swimming, climbing, walking, and jumping in streams that pass through narrow canyons. It provides a thrilling adventure in the midst of nature. Show more

Which are the three rivers in Norway that are best for canyoning?

The Stranda, Raundal and Sjoa rivers are the popular sites for canyoning in Norway. The Stranda flows through a narrow canyon, while the Sjoa is renowned for being the fastest river in the country. These rivers provide canyoning experiences that are appropriate for beginners and veterans alike. Show more

What is the best time of year to go canyoning in Norway?

The perfect season for canyoning in Norway is between August and September due to the weather being warm with low water levels around this time. It makes it an ideal season for canyoning enthusiasts who can relish the clear and clean water in the midst of beautiful landscapes. Show more

What is the depth of the water while jumping from a cliff during canyoning?

The depth of the water may vary depending on the river and its location. Canyoners usually jump from heights between 3 to 10 meters. It's a general rule to ensure the depth of the water is safe before jumping, and guides provide help in choosing a suitable spot for the participants. Show more

Is canyoning recommended for all individuals?

Canyoning is a physically demanding activity that requires excellent physical fitness. People with heart or respiratory problems are urged to steer clear of canyoning. It's an exceptional adventure for kids over the age of 12 who are confident swimmers. However, younger children who are not strong swimmers are urged to avoid it. Additionally, the activity can be challenging and perilous for individuals who do not possess ample strength. Show more

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