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Best time of year to visit Cuba

Choose a dry season from December to April as the best time visit Cuba. January and February is ideal time for sightseeing but it could get too cold for beach vacationers. The winter weather is terrific, but the stay is a bit pricey, so make your reservation months in advance. With an increasing likelihood of rain, Cuba gets less touristic and more affordable from April through June. So if you've always wondered how tobacco harvest looks like, that's your chance! Mind that Easter holidays are an exception with crowds filling the streets. Carnival Santiago de Cuba and school holidays make hot July the busiest period. During the summer, heat is almost intolerable, so don't forget to stay hydrated. Another good tip is to avoid the hurricane season from August to early November. Well, Monarch butterflies don't mind the risk, so autumn is a good time for wintessing their mass migration.


Mango Season

May–July • food

Taste the sweetest mango fruit available everywhere during the summertime

Coffee Harvest

July–February • food

Sample one the most delicious, fragrant and fresh coffee on the planet

Mamoncillo Season

July–October • food

Taste Cuban mamoncillos—your most sour tropical experience

Avocado Season

April–September • food

Set off for your Cuba journey to taste the best of local avocado dishes

Lobster Season

June–February • food

Sample most delicious lobsters masterly cooked by the locals

Guanabana Season

April–September • food

Try one of the tastiest fruits you can find in Cuba

Guava or Guayaba

July–August • food

Guava apple is a tropical and subtropical fruit, that has distinctive red colour of the flesh and bright green colour of the peel

Fishing Tarpon

March–July • activity

A challenge for experienced fishermen, that requires much skill and knowledge


February–July • activity

Catch the most shiny and strong fish off the fascinating Cuban coast


Festival del Habano

February 26–March 02, 2018 • event

Gathering of the tobacco-lovers from all over the world longing to try Cuba's original cigars

Tobacco Harvest

March–April • activity

Get world's finest cigars from the very heart of world's tobacco industry

Carnival of Santiago de Cuba

July 26 • event

Country's most colourful and delightful carnival—the brightest jewel of Cuba's festivals

Monarch Butterfly Migration

September–November • nature

The famous Monarch butterflies migrate every year to warmer places, such as Cuba, to mature

Beach​ Season

November–April • activity

The dry season is your best choice to enjoy the sun and the beach

Christmas Celebrations

December 24–December 25 • activity

Christmas in Cuba is a new holiday which makes it special among other Christmas​ celebrations around the world

Guarapo Drink

August • food

Quench your thirst with most excuisite sugarcane juice

Caimito Season

February–June • food

A purple 'star' among the Cuban fruit that​ will become your ultimate love at first bite

Day of the National Rebellion

July 26 • event

One of the biggest public holidays in Cuba is celebrated for three days

Labour Day or Día de los Trabajadores

May 01 • event

Visit Cuba for the holiday that reveals its socialist nature

Romerias de Mayo

May 03–May 08 • event

One of the most colourful, cheerful and authentic Cuban celebrations in Holguin

International Havana Ballet Festival

October 26–November 02, 2018 • event

Enjoy spectacular ballet performances that take place once in two years in Havana

Zafra Harvest

August–September • activity

Visit Cuba during the sweetest harvest you've ever seen

Marabana: Havana Marathon

November 18, 2018 • event

Run through the streets of Havana and join the running history

Orquideario de Soroa

September–November • nature

The Orchid Garden designated as a World Biosphere Reserve offers the stunning 20,000 plants of 700 orchid species


December–February (north) | August–October (east) • activity

Surf Cuba off the eastern and northern coast

Snorkeling and Diving

December–April • activity

Visit Cuba's hidden gems for your best snorkeling experience

Cherimoya Season

November–early February • food

Visit Cuba for cherimoya harvest time to taste one of the most delicious fruit ever