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Best time to visit Cuba

Snorkeling and Diving

Visit Cuba's hidden gems for your best snorkeling experience

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For those of you who enjoy snorkeling and diving, Cuba is a perfect destination offering a wide range of spots for water sports. In particular, Cuba is famous for its most secluded places such as Jardines de Reina and María la Gorda. Another destination is the Isla de la Juventud. It is also quite difficult to get, and the island is rather a secluded place. Although it isn't popular with tourists, the island makes a perfect diving spot. With ample coral reefs, numerous species of fish and algae Cuban coast is one of the most precious gems of the Caribbean. Among the most impressive fish are Gray angelfish, spicky luridly striped fish that although beautiful is also poisonous and unusual Gorgonian. Cuban unspoiled marine life is impressive. Having tried snorkeling experience once, you will want to come again and again. So keep in mind that the best diving time falls between Dece​mber and April, but it's also the most expensive time for your Cuba adventure. As for the water temperature, the coldest time is from January to March while the hottest—July to October.

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