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Tobacco Harvest in Cuba

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Best time: March–April

Tobacco Harvest
Tobacco Harvest
Tobacco Harvest

With suitable climatic conditions and vast territories, Cuba is one of the largest tobacco exporters across the world. Cuban cigars are one of the most iconic symbols of the country. If you plan your Cuban holidays for early spring, you'll​ get a chance to watch vast tobacco fields at the harvest time.

The two major tobacco types are Corojo and Criollo that are mostly grown in the Pinar del Rio Province in the West where you can see the whole process. The best black tobacco grows on this fertile soil. Four other tobacco regions include Remedios and Oriente, Partidos, and Semi Vuelta Abajo. The latter provides tobacco leaves for the most famous cigars: the Habano.

Practical info

When should I go to Cuba if I want to see the tobacco harvest?

To witness the Cuban tobacco harvest, plan a visit to Cuba from March to April, which is the best time to see the tobacco picking process. You can watch the farmers sort and hand pick the tobacco leaves during this season. Show more

What areas of Cuba can I visit to see the tobacco fields being harvested?

If you want to see the tobacco fields in Cuba, head to the Pinar del Rio Province, situated in the West of the country. You can watch the complete process from planting to the cigar factories. Other regions in Cuba like Oriente, Remedios, Semi Vuelta Abajo, and Partidos also offer good tobacco experiences that you can enjoy. Show more

Which are the primary types of tobacco that Cuba grows?

In Cuba, Corojo and Criollo are the main types of tobacco grown in Pinar del Rio, which is situated to the west of Havana. The Corojo tobacco breed is favored for wrapping, and the Criollo breed is utilized as filling tobacco. The other rare tobacco breed that Cuba produces is Medio Tiempo, which is known for its unique, flavorful taste and is grown on only a small percentage of tobacco plants. Show more

How many regions in Cuba are known for tobacco cultivation?

Cuba has a total of five such tobacco-growing regions, but the most significant is the Pinar del Rio region in the western part of the island, which accounts for 75% of the country's tobacco production. The remaining regions such as Remedios, Oriente, Semi Vuelta Abajo, and Partidos contribute considerably less, producing between 5-15% of the tobacco supply. Show more

Which particular area in Cuba supplies the tobacco for the famous Habano cigar?

The Semi Vuelta Abajo region in Cuba is renowned for producing high-quality tobacco for the world-famous Cuban Habanos cigars because of the region's perfect climate and soil conditions. Cigars like Montecristo, Cohiba, Partagas, Hoyo de Monterrey, Romeo y Julieta among others, use leaves grown in this area. Visiting this location is a must-do for every cigar fanatic, as you can learn about the entire cigar-making process, including the various blends the country is famous for. Show more

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