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Saffron Harvest in Greece

Kozani Krokos Saffron from Greece is recognised as some of the finest in the world

Best time: late October–early November

Saffron Harvest
Saffron Harvest
Saffron Harvest
Saffron Harvest

The farming town of Krokos in central Greece has an exclusive right to grow, pick, and process the unique spice called Greek Red Saffron. The Kozani cooperative includes about 40 small villages and farms that produce the world's most expensive spice.

Greek saffron has a high colouring power and is used in Greek cuisine in salads, soups, and sauces. Visit the area in early-to-mid October to see a beautiful crocus flower in full bloom or later in the year to observe the harvest and preparation of the spice. Saffron harvest lasts for 20 to 30 days between late October and early November.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Krokos for the saffron harvest?

Krokos is best visited from late October to early November to witness the magnificent sight of the purple crocus flowers in full bloom and the cultivation and processing of the saffron threads. It is a gratifying and unique experience that should not be missed. Show more

Where can one purchase Kozani Krokos Saffron?

Kozani Krokos Saffron is available for purchase at the cooperative, which comprises approximately 40 small villages and farms that produce one of the world's most costly spices. Moreover, the spice can be found at local markets and specialty food stores across Greece or can be purchased online from reputable suppliers. Show more

What makes Greek Red Saffron unique?

Krokos' excellent climate, characterized by cold, dry winters, heavy rainfall in November and December, and hot summers, is one of the reasons why Greek Red Saffron is so exceptional. Additionally, the unique chemical composition of the land contributes to the excellent aroma, deep color, and high quality of saffron produced in Krokos. Show more

How is saffron used in Greek cuisine?

Saffron is used as a key component in Greek cuisine and can be found in many dishes such as salads, soups, and sauces. Greek food enthusiasts use saffron to enhance the flavour of fish stews, fennel and beef stews, stuffed vegetables, and Greek beverages such as Mastika liquor and tea which are very popular during the winter months. Show more

Can tourists participate in the saffron harvest process?

While it is a labour-intensive process that requires expertise to harvest the flowers, extract the saffron threads, and dry them, tourists are offered the opportunity to observe the Kozani Krokos Saffron harvesting process. Additionally, visitors can participate in various saffron-related activities such as the cooperative museum, facility tours, or saffron-themed events held throughout the year. Show more

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