Best time to visit Romania

Hay Harvest in Romania

The scent of fresh hay spreads over Romanian fields spotted with countless haystacks

Best time: July–September

Hay Harvest
Hay Harvest
Hay Harvest

The haymaking procedure is quite time-consuming and requires great effort, yet at the same time it is a healthy outdoor exercise—you may even join in and help the farmers cut the grass, lift the drying hay with the pitchfork, or make the haystacks. If you do not feel like working on your holiday, you may simply observe the hard-working locals, and breathe the fresh air mixed with the scent of hay.

Haymaking is an ​ancient tradition which still thrives in Romania although hay beds and roofs are not as common as they used to be. Still, in the rural areas, it is vital to feed the cattle and other domestic animals throughout the grassless winters.

Romanians prepare hay for winter between July and September.