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Rice Harvest

Learn the story of rice—where it grows and how it is manually harvested in Bhutan


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Rice is one of the main agricultural products in Bhutan and agricultural works engage almost 80% of the population. When it comes to harvesting rice in November, many families join this activity.

In terms of natural beauty, rice fields do not offer great colours, as stacks of rice dry fast and turn light brown, but harvesting rice is a real journey into the ancient traditions of Bhutan, as even today no technologies are used in the collection process. Men and women make all preparation work on the field—they crop plants, fold them in sheaves, and let them dry in the sun. The dry sheaves are beaten, and chaffs are separated from the rice grains. It is a great journey and a lesson for many people, who only see rice already packed in stores. The biggest growing areas of rice in Bhutan are Samtse and Sarpang.

A special sort of rice to try in Bhutan is red rice. Its taste is softer, and the rice stays pale pink after cooking.

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