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Blooming Rhododendrons in Bhutan

Walking along the trail under blooming rhododendron trees can be compared with the famous cherry blossom paths in Japan

Best time: April–July

Blooming Rhododendrons
Blooming Rhododendrons

The flowers of the rhododendron tree are considered a national flower of Nepal, but Bhutan can also be proud of possessing about 49 species of this plant. There are also plenty of Bhutanese songs and works of art that use this flower as a symbol of pure and divine beauty.

There are many places, both in a wild and within city borders, where you can enjoy the blooming season of rhododendrons. Huge gardens belong to numerous temples and monasteries as well. If you head to Thimphu and Punakha, big tree parks will sparkle your way with pink, red, and white colours.

The blooming season of these trees stretches from April till July, with some species starting either a bit earlier or finishing a few weeks later. In addition to looking for rhododendrons in a wild, you can attend an organised festival devoted specifically to this beautiful occasion. Every May the Royal Botanical Park in Lamperi holds a three-day event where visitors can enjoy walking along the roads covered with natural carpets of rhododendron petals.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Bhutan to see the blooming rhododendrons?

To witness the blooming rhododendrons, it is recommended to visit Bhutan between April and July. While some species may have different blooming schedules, this period is the general time frame for rhododendron blooms. You can learn more about specific rhododendron species by inquiring from local guides or specialised tour operators. Show more

Where are the best places in Bhutan to see rhododendrons in bloom?

Bhutan has many places where rhododendrons bloom, including Thimphu and Punakha's large tree parks and numerous temple or monastery gardens in the cities. If hiking interests you, you can check out hiking trails with rhododendrons in full bloom. You can seek advice from local guides or tour companies that cater to botanists. Show more

How many species of rhododendrons can be found in Bhutan?

Bhutan is home to approximately 49 rhododendron species, which makes it an ideal destination for rhododendron enthusiasts, particularly during the blooming season. Bhutanese culture regards rhododendron as a symbol of divine beauty, with many songs and works of art featuring it. Show more

When does the blooming season of rhododendrons start and end in Bhutan?

Rhododendrons start blooming in Bhutan as early as April and can last until July, varying from one species to another. It would be ideal to plan your trip according to the blooming schedule if your primary objective is to see the flower in full bloom. It would be helpful to join a rhododendron-focused tour with an expert guide who can offer insights and tips. Show more

Are there any festivals or events in Bhutan that celebrate the blooming of rhododendrons?

Bhutan hosts an annual three-day rhododendron festival every May at the Royal Botanical Park in Lamperi. The festival promotes the beauty, diversity, and cultural significance of the rhododendron. Attendees can join guided tours and explore different rhododendron species or enjoy cultural dance performances and savour Bhutanese cuisine. Show more

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