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Khuru (Darts)

This is a traditional kind of sport in Bhutan, and it is played only outdoors


Khuru (Darts) in Bhutan 2020 - Best Time

Most likely, Bhutanese people would be very surprised to hear that in many Western countries darts is played in pubs. In contrast, in Bhutan, this is a national outdoor sport. Darts, called 'khuru' in the Dzongkha language, is a traditional game which is popular across the country and is played on any possible occasion.

Groups of people gather in a field or on a broad village road, where they install a dartboard. In Bhutan, it resembles a rectangular slope, much smaller and harder to hit than a usual circular board. On the other side, darts are heavier, which is necessary as the throwing distance should be no less than 20 metres.

Khuru is a team sport, so each team cheers and supports each player with songs and dances during his turn of throwing darts.