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Khuru (Darts) in Bhutan

This is a traditional kind of sport in Bhutan, and it is played only outdoors

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Khuru (Darts)

Unlike in many Western countries where darts is played in pubs, in Bhutan, this is a national outdoor sport. Darts, called 'khuru' in the Dzongkha language, is a traditional game which is popular across the country and is played on any possible occasion.

Khuru is a team sport, so each team cheers and supports each player with songs and dances during his turn of throwing darts. Groups of people gather in a field or on a broad village road, where they install a dartboard. In Bhutan, it resembles a rectangular slope, much smaller and harder to hit than a usual circular board. On the other side, darts are heavier, which is necessary as the throwing distance should be no less than 20 meters.

Khuru is typically played at festivals and archery tournaments. But anyone can try it anytime with the Firefox Tours Bhutan in Thimphu.

Practical info

What is the traditional team sport of Bhutan that involves wooden darts?

Khuru is a traditional team sport in Bhutan that involves throwing wooden darts at a wooden target about 20 meters away. It is played by two teams of equal size, and each player throws five darts per round, trying to make them stick in the ground to score points. The team with the highest score at the end of the game wins. Show more

When can tourists witness or participate in khuru in Bhutan?

Tourists visiting Bhutan can witness or participate in Khuru when the sport is played during festivals such as the Paro Tsechu, which takes place in March or April. They can also watch Khuru tournaments during national holidays. Tourists can participate in Khuru through various tour agencies based in Thimphu, which offer Khuru games on village roads, fields and locations such as Babesa Park, Changlimithang Stadium and Dechencholing Palace Ground. Show more

Where can tourists try playing khuru in Bhutan?

Tourists in Bhutan can try their hand at playing Khuru through tour agencies like Firefox Tours Bhutan. While Khuru is usually played outdoors on village roads or fields, places such as Babesa Park, Changlimithang Stadium, and Dechencholing Palace Ground in Thimphu have areas reserved for the sport. Tourists are welcome to enjoy this traditional game in locations where the land allows and tour agencies offer. Show more

In what ways does khuru differ from Western darts?

Khuru differs from Western darts in various ways. Firstly, it is played outdoors while Western darts are played indoors. Secondly, Khuru darts are larger and heavier and resemble long nails with a flat head, while Western darts have slim and sharp-tipped metal spikes. Lastly, the Khuru dartboard is rectangular and sloped at an angle, unlike Western darts, which use a circular scoring board with thin wire dividers. Khuru dartboards are known to be harder and require more skill to hit. Show more

What are some characteristics of the traditional khuru dartboard?

The Khuru dartboard is made of wood, is rectangular, and is sloped at an angle. It measures one foot in width and two feet in height. Unlike Western darts that have circular scoring zones and thin wire dividers, Khuru dartboards are known to be harder to hit due to their sloped design, making the game more challenging. By throwing large, heavy darts with flat heads at a tilted board, players must exhibit accuracy and skill to score points. Show more

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