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Khuru (Darts)

This is a traditional kind of sport in Bhutan, and it is played only outdoors

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Unlike in many Western countries where darts is played in pubs, in Bhutan, this is a national outdoor sport. Darts, called 'khuru' in the Dzongkha language, is a traditional game which is popular across the country and is played on any possible occasion.

Khuru is a team sport, so each team cheers and supports each player with songs and dances during his turn of throwing darts. Groups of people gather in a field or on a broad village road, where they install a dartboard. In Bhutan, it resembles a rectangular slope, much smaller and harder to hit than a usual circular board. On the other side, darts are heavier, which is necessary as the throwing distance should be no less than 20 meters.

Khuru is typically played at festivals and archery tournaments. But anyone can try it anytime with the Firefox Tours Bhutan in Thimphu.

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