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For beginners who are watching this game for the first time, it can seem boring before you understand the intricacies, but dedicated Englishmen really appreciate this sport!


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One of the most popular traditional games in England is cricket. It appeared around the 16th century and already by the 18th century it was firmly on the list of national games. For a long time only men played cricket, and the first female teams appeared only in 1745.

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Cricket is a non-contact team game. Each of the two teams has 11 members; they are located on both sides of the field. In the middle of the field there is a small pitch. In turn, the teams beat the ball and try to prevent opponents from gaining more points. The main goal is to destroy the gate of the opposing team with the help of the ball.

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In England, the cricket season usually starts in late March or early April with a round of university matches and runs until the County Championship matches in late September.

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