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Mexican Rodeos or Charreadas 2023-2024

The riders' grace and elegance make Mexican charreada look more like a stylish performance rather than a competition

Mexican Rodeos or Charreadas
Mexican Rodeos or Charreadas
Mexican Rodeos or Charreadas

When you compete in charreada, not only the overall outcome matters but every single detail including your hand position during this or that movement. Participants have to be dressed up, and ride as gracefully as possible, so it is quite an artistic performance to observe. Grace and style actually make it different from other rodeos in the USA, Canada, or Spain, where the sport originates.

Although charreada is considered the national sport of Mexico, it stems from Salamanca's housekeepers who came to Mexico back in the 16th century. At first, the newcomers oppressed indigenous people and didn't allow them to ride horses. Yet it couldn't last so for long, and soon locals mastered the sport's art. Today charreada is particularly popular in the state of Jalisco, namely in Guadalajara two-hour championships are held on Sundays in different locations. Both men and women can partake. Also, a special occasion to enjoy is the Mexican National Charro Championship held in the Mariachi Festival during the first weekend in September.

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