Best time to visit Cincinnati, OH

Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati, OH 2024

Home to the legendary baseball team—The Cincinnati Reds

Best time: late March–September

Great American Ball Park
Great American Ball Park
Great American Ball Park
San Francisco Giants @ Cincinnati Reds, Great American Ball Park
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The Great American Ball Park is the home stadium for the first professional baseball team in the US—the Cincinnati Reds. Thanks to its central location in downtown Cincinnati, Ball Park gives a chance to enjoy the game and explore the Ohio River banks. Dining at The Banks might add a tasty twist to your baseball adventures.

Great American Ball Park Features

Spending a night watching the Reds home game at Great American Ball Park is more than baseball fans might expect. Positioned on the winding banks of the Ohio River, Great American Ball Park provides stunning views of downtown Cincinnati, the Ohio River, Mt. Adams, and the landscapes of Northern Kentucky. The stadium is also praised for its innovative features and affordable seating options. Great American Ball Park also highlights the team’s rich history: the Reds Hall of Fame and Museum, Crosley Terrace statues depicting the Red legends like Ted Kluszewski and Joe Nuxhall, Team Shop, and banners reminding fans of the club's historic moments—the Reds spirit cannot go unnoticed here!

When to go

The baseball season at Great American Ball Park usually runs from late March to late September. Check the schedule in the "External Resources" section below. One of the best occasions to visit Great American Ball Park is opening day, always a home game for the Reds, which occurs in late March or early April. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, the spectators' access to Great American Ball Park is subject to change. The Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame & Museum is open year-round. The visits follow new procedures and safety protocols.

Practical info

What are some recommended affordable seating options at Great American Ball Park?

For those seeking affordable seating options at Great American Ball Park, the Upper and Mezzanine View sections provide great value for the price with picturesque field views. The Sun/Moon Deck is another popular option with included food and drinks. Additionally, lower-level seating options on certain game days can be more budget-friendly. Show more

When is the best time to visit the Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati?

To catch a baseball game at the Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati, the best time to plan a visit is during the baseball season, from late March to late September. Visitors can check the Reds home game schedule online to secure the best day to attend. For those visiting offseason, the Reds Hall of Fame & Museum is open year-round. Show more

What safety measures are in place for visitors during COVID-19?

To ensure visitor safety during the COVID-19 pandemic, Great American Ball Park instituted several precautions. Wearing masks and sitting in socially distanced seating arrangements are mandatory requirements. Guests can easily locate hand sanitizing stations throughout the park, in addition to increased cleaning measures. Current safety guidelines should be reviewed before heading to the park. Show more

Where can visitors find dining options near Great American Ball Park?

Numerous dining options can be found in the vicinity of Great American Ball Park. Restaurants at The Banks, an exciting culinary destination across the street from the park, are within walking distance. Washington Park, Findlay Market, and Over-The-Rhine offer other popular dining options that guests can easily access. Cincinnati's staple chili and goetta sandwich make for unique delicacies that are worth a try. Show more

What can visitors expect to see at the Reds Hall of Fame & Museum?

Baseball enthusiasts cannot afford to miss the Reds Hall of Fame & Museum. Interactive exhibits, memorabilia displays, and guided tours showcase the team's storied history and legendary players, including the world's biggest interactive baseball located at the entrance. Museum highlights comprise the Reds Hall of Fame, Crosley Field, the Big Red Machine, and the 1990 World Series exhibits. Tickets can be purchased online or in-person at the ticket office. Show more

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