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Baseball and the Red Sox 2023

Visiting Boston without seeing the Red Sox is just unforgivable

Baseball and the Red Sox
Baseball and the Red Sox
Baseball and the Red Sox

Baseball, the Red Sox, and Fenway Park are the primary sports icons of Boston. While in Boston, it's worth seeing at least one game. There is great news for anyone worrying about ticket prices or their availability: one can sneak a peak of the big game from a secret window at the Bleacher Bar. In fact, the secret site is not so secret anymore, and during games, it is usually crowded with ticketless enthusiasts desperately trying to watch some Bostonian baseball. The seas​o​n runs from April through October. One of the most exciting and busy matches is the opening game of the season.

The Red Sox baseball team was founded in 1901. The name was chosen in 1908 by the team owner, John I. Taylor, after a previous team that had been known as the "Boston Red Stockings". It has become the dominant team in American League. The Red Sox have won eight World Series championships and have played in twelve. The New York Yankees are the most fierce rivals of the Red Sox. For about 100 years, the Red Sox and Yankees rivalry has been one of the major intrigues of American sport scene. It started in 1919 when Red Sox star pitcher Babe Ruth was sold to Yankees, which brought success to the team.

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