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Six Nations Championship 2025

Witness one of the most impressive games of rugby heroes and losers during the Six Nations Championship

Dates: February–March

Six Nations Championship

The Six Nations Championship is an annual rugby tournament in which the national teams of England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, and Wales annually compete. Traditionally it is contested each season over seven weekends during February and March (sometimes April).

Originally the Cup was held between the four United Kingdom countries—England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland. France joined in 1910 and Italy joined in 2000. Each pair of teams alternates the venue matches (one year the match is held in England at the Twickenham Stadium, London, the next—at the Cardiff Millennium Stadium (Principality Stadium), then again, in England, and so on).

Each team plays the other five, giving a total of 15 matches per Championship. At the end of the championship, the team which earns the most points during the season gets the Six Nations Championship Trophy.

The most prestigious title is "Grand Slam" which is given to a team for winning all five matches.

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