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Palín in Chile

The first Chilean sport introduced by an indigenous nation partially resembles hockey

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Palín is considered the very first sport ever played in the country, and the first people to play palín in Chile were the indigenous Mapuche nation which constitutes 10% of Chile's population nowadays. The game is comparable to hockey.

Ancient traditions are practiced exclusively by the Mapuches and are promoted and supported by the government. Anyone interested in the oldest Chilean sports​ traditions may observe the game in action during the celebration of Mapuche's Sovereignty Day.

Practical info

Is it possible to watch a Palín game in Chile? If so, where?

Palín games are typically not open to the public as they are played within the Mapuche community and during special events such as Mapuche's Sovereignty Day. However, some tour operators offer cultural experiences that provide opportunities to observe or even participate in a Palín game as part of their itinerary. Show more

When is Mapuche's Sovereignty Day celebrated?

Mapuche's Sovereignty Day, which commemorates the Mapuche people's resistance to Spanish colonialism and celebrates their cultural heritage, is held on June 24th every year in southern Chile, where the largest population of Mapuche resides. On this day, traditional activities are typically observed such as music, dance, crafts, and sport. Show more

What are some exclusive ancient traditions of the Mapuche community in Chile?

The Mapuche have a variety of exclusive ancient traditions in Chile such as Language, Food, Mapuche Medicine, Textile Art, Basketry, Silverwork, Woodwork, and Pottery. These traditions have been passed down for generations and are an essential aspect of Mapuche culture. Show more

How does the Chilean government support and promote the preservation of Mapuche traditions such as Palín?

The Chilean government acknowledges the cultural heritage of the Mapuche people and supports the preservation of their traditions by investing in cultural centers, museums, and exhibitions dedicated to the Mapuche. In addition, the government funds research into Mapuche culture and implements policies designed to protect and promote it through education and tourism. Show more

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