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Fierljeppen in The Netherlands 2024

Watch the traditional Dutch sport and try it yourself

Best time: May–August


Fierljeppen is a favorite sport of Friesland province. It can be word by word translated as ‘far-leaping’. The aim of the game is to jump over the water body as far as you can. The length of the pole varies from 8 to 13 metres. At the bottom of the pole there is a flat plate to keep it safe from sinking in the muddy rivers or canals.

Every participant has to be quite strong and to have a good coordination. Firstly you have to sprint to the pole, grab it, then climb to the top of the pole to control its further movements and finally jump off and land on the other side of the water body. The jumps are usually under 20 metres.

The game season lasts from May till September. During this period you can visit lots of fierljeppen matches and see everything with your own eyes. If you want to try it yourself, visit one of the fierljep demonstration, where professional jumpers explain and show everything in details. At the end of the master class you can give it a try.

Practical info

When is the Fierljeppen game season in The Netherlands?

Between May and September, The Netherlands hosts the Fierljeppen game season. The season provides visitors with different cities to see various Fierljeppen matches held in the Friesland province. Enthusiasts and visitors alike can take advantage of these events. Show more

Where can I find fierljeppen matches to watch in Friesland province?

Friesland province offers a multitude of Fierljeppen events throughout the regular matches season on various waterways. It Heidenskip and Burgum towns enjoy the reputation of hosting some of Fierljeppen's most exciting and popular events. People worldwide seek to partake in or witness the sport's thrill. Show more

What is the length of the pole used in Fierljeppen?

The pole used in Fierljeppen ranges between 8 and 13 metres. The pole's design and manufacture aims to fit into the canals and rivers, allowing the jumper to leap over wide water bodies. It has a flat bottom to maintain balance and restrict it from sinking into the riverbed. Show more

How do you control the pole's movements during the jump in Fierljeppen?

Fierljeppen demands considerable strength, coordination, and skill to control the pole. Athletes run towards the pole, grab it and climb to its top while regulating its horizontal and vertical movements. Eventually, jump off from the pole's peak towards the opposite side of the riverbank. Coordinating these movements is essential from grabbing the pole to landing safely. Show more

Are there any safety precautions taken during fierljeppen demonstrations for amateur jumpers?

During the Fierljeppen masterclass, trainers prioritize safety. They provide comprehensive explanations of the sport, its techniques, safety measures, and how to ensure jumps are accident-free. Undergoing adequate exercises to master the fundamental techniques is crucial before jumping to reduce any potential risks, especially for new or amateur jumpers. Show more

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